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    Computer Security doesn't have to be a complicated and expensive project

       I'm setting up this site to provide useful advice for those that manage or own small business networks. It seems that everyone today is writing books or building websites that teach or discuss how to hack computers. My goal is not to teach anyone how to break into a network. (There are enough script kiddies in the world already) My goal is to make people more aware of how easy it is to secure a network.
      This site will also go over the basics of establishing Terms of Use policies for your employees.

    The idea is to make your network a hardened target. Hackproof is not the goal (nor is it possible). Investing a balanced amount of money and man hours into your network's security posture to fend off the majority of attacks and worms running around the 'net is the goal.

    My approach to computer security will provide you with a simple and affordable solution that will keep your IT staff from being up all night while your networks are down.

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    David M Ross
    Alexandria, Virginia
    david at packet-security.com

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