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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Packet-Security?
  2. Is P-S a company?
  3. Who is David Ross?
  4. Why Bagarre?
  5. How long have you been in computer security?
  6. Are you a hacker?
  7. Are you a programmer?
  8. How long have you been in the Navy?
  9. How safe are the Navy's networks?
  10. How can I become a hacker?
  11. Where are you located?
  12. Windows or Linux?
  13. What did you use to make this site?

What is Packet-Security?
Packet Security is my personal area on the net to express my opinions and knowlege about computer network security. There are thousands of sites on the 'net that discuss computer hacking. P-S is not one of those sites. P-S is set up to provide advice to small businesses on how to secure their networks. Top Home

Is P-S a company?
No. Not yet at least. I am considering becoming a private consultant on a limited basis when I get out of the Navy (20 May 2003) but, no decisions have been made. If you are interested in my services, please Contact Me. Perhaps we can make a deal. Top Home

Who is David Ross
I am. :) I was born in Sewickley Pensylvania, lived in Arizona of a few years as a kid but grew up in Chippewa Pa. I was on the swim team in high school, raced bicycles and rock climbed for a while. I went to college for computer engineering and design... I'm an Areis, my favorite color is blue... OK, let's get on with the other questions. Top Home

Why "Bagarre"?
Bagarre is French for "to fight". I've been told by some that it is loosely translated in Italian slang as Chaotic or a General lack of Good order and Dicipline (Although, my fiance from Naples has never heard of that) It was also the name of my first Sail Boat. After loosing two rudders, being stopped by an Italian gun boat, getting yelled at by a submarine and almost sinking her in a single handed 13 hour storm, I decided the name not only fit the boat but it's owner as well. I started using the name on IRC around 1995 and it's kind of stuck with me. Top Home

How long have you been in computer security?
Since 1993, I have been involved with digital communications security in one form or another. It started with point to point encrypted channels that ran off of five level paper tape and from there, branched into multiplexed satelite links and then into IP based networks. All the while, security was the main goal. Be it physical, personal or digital; security has been an integral part of my job for the last ten years. By the time I hit the internet, being paranoid about data integrity was second hand to me. There is a pretty good write up about this here. Top Home

Are you a hacker?
I enjoy discovering new ways to look at problems and impliment the discovered solutions. If that solution requires me to learn a new programming language or study some protocol, life is even better. This is what I consider to be a hacker. Not the person that figures out how to circumvent protections in order to penetrate networks that he is not authorized to. I call him a criminal. Top Home

Are you a programmer?
I've been writing code full time, more or less, for the last three years. Everything from simple administive scripts to complex socket based programs. No formal training tho. We simply had a need for various programs and I tought myself the language to write those programs. PERL is by far my favorite language tho. I haven't found anything yet that needed to be written that I couldn't do in PERL. Top Home

How long have you been in the Navy?
Almost but not quite exactly ten years. I spent most of that (six years) in Naples Italy. That's where I bought Bagarre, my first sail boat. Top Home

How safe are the Navy's networks?
People actualy ask me this question. You should know better than to expect an answer. If you want, I can pass your name on to the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. Perhaps they can provide a better answer. Top Home

How can I get into computer security?
In order to know how to protect a computer, you need to know how to attack a computer. This isn't exactly true. A better phrase is "...you need to know how computers are attacked". An even better phrase is "...you need to know to administrate that computer". You can not protect that wich you don't understand. If you want to get into computer security, get into computer administration first. In today's world, no one is a guru. Pick your area and become a specialist at it. If you like web pages, learn everything you can about building and managing websites so you can better understand how to secure them. What ever area you pick, try to become the best at it. Top Home

Where are you located?
Currently, I'm in Norfolk Virginia. After may 2003, who knows. I have offers in the DC area, San Diego and Naples Italy. Only time will tell. Top Home

Windows or Linux?
Good question. Born on a TRS-80, Raised with MSDOS, abused by a VAX once or twice, learned to walk with Windows, bullied by Sparcs for a while, kicked a 3B-2 processor in the shins once and matured with Linux. Lately, I've been having dreams of this beautiful BSD-like kernel with a stable GUI and real plug and play wrapped up in a titanium shell. I'm not sure what it means but, it kinda turns me on. :) Top Home

What did you use to make this site?
This site was created using nothing but Notepad, Vi and a touch of PERL. The logo and graphics were made by my brother, Jacob. If you get the chance, check out his site. No amimals were harmed in the creation of this site. Top Home

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