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    Bagarre's Discussion Board Software

    News Flash!

    On 15 Feb, I upgraded my hardware at home and downgraded my software (From Linux main OS to WinXP). I got tired of dual booting to play Half-Life and Wine just wasn't cutting it.
    Anyway, I still don't have my Vmware up and running (long story) and I didn't exactly save all my files before formatting the hd so.... there is a drawing board somewhere with my name on it.
    Once I get Vmware loaded with a decent linux image and I have my own Apache server to molest again, I'll start this code up again.

    In the mean time, if anyone has any input PLEASE drop me an email or something.

    ****************************** end News Flash

    How hard could it be? All I wanted was perl driven discussion board that I could slap on to each of the papers that are on my site. No special formatting or dynamic skin selection or even user account management...and no database either.
    Not that I'm afraid of databases. Heck, I wrote a 5500 line perl program that was web driven and had a MySQL back end. It's just that I dont have MySQL on this site. (I'm cheap) Maybe in the future but, for now, flat files work fine.

    I couldn't find anything on the 'net that worked the way I wanted so it seemed logical to write my own. It's very new code, no where near functional and I'm still figuring out the procedures of keeping track of the threads.. I'll post new updates daily as I write them. If anyone wants to write a validation routine or pass me advice, please do.

    For a quick over view of Pseudo Code and things to consider before writing code, take a look at what I just threw together HERE

    Keep in mind, none of this is production. I just started typing away.

    The source code so far is HERE
    An example of one of the thread files is HERE

    If you want to provide input of any kind, please stick it in my guest book or drop me an email.
    Be nice with the flames. I like my code rare, not well done.

    David M Ross
    Alexandria, Virginia
    david at packet-security.com

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