Papers By Bagarre:

  • Intro to PGP
  • Chris Snell give a good explaination of what Pretty Good Privacy is and how it works.

  • Intro to Pseudo Code
  • A good read on the basics of pseudo code and program management.

  • I'd rather be fragging
  • Bypassing those Linksys boxes, some ACLs and tons of other fun stuff.

  • The Art of Wardialing
  • A lost art? Not worth exploring? I think not.

  • deny, Deny, DENY
  • If you didn't say it could come in, it shouldn't. This will be a discussion on router ACLs and the construction of a DMZ.

  • OPP Other People's Passwords
  • How do you get your users to use good passwords? How important is it?

  • The Enemy Within
  • Do you trust your users? Should you? The internal threat is real and needs to be addressed with written policy, permissions and well planned grouping.

  • Who's Watching Who?
  • The intruder is no doubt looking at your traffic. You should too. How will you know what's not normal if you've never seen your normal traffic on the wire?

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    Hello again,

    This is the page that has the reason for this website. Each of these papers is an attempt to put my thoughts down in black and white. Most of them were midnight rantings but, some actualy have structure. 'I'd Rather Be Fragging' and 'The Art of Wardialing' are the better two.

    If you have any input or comments to these, please add it to my guest book. I plan to add discussion links to these and the following papers. It's just a matter of writing the code. (Did I mention that this whole site was written with VI and notepad?)


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